Breast Cancer, Health, Aesthetics Book

Breasts are aesthetic organs that define and complete women in the modern world. They always maintain these features throughout their lives. Breast is also known as the organ that most threatens women’s health and life. According to current information, 50% of women have a breast biopsy at least once in their lifetime. More importantly, one in ten women in Turkiye will have breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer accounts for 30% of cancers in women.

It should not be forgotten that breast cancer is a disease that can be treated with early diagnosis. What needs to be done in this regard is covered in detail in the BREAST BOOK.

In addition, in our book, common benign breast diseases are explained in a language that the reader can understand. Breast health as well as aesthetics are extremely valuable for women. What needs to be done for breast aesthetics has been examined. In our book, breast cancer, health, diseases and aesthetics topics are shared with the reader in spoken language. It has been prepared to be a basic resource and a reference book for all women.